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Ductile Iron Piles Ductile iron piles are known as reliable system for setting up different foundations of civil, industrial and single purpose construction units. A great range of projects with ductile iron piles in Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain and all over Europe are a significant argument of the perfection for such a technical decision. Those places where the soil is unstable due to its geological peculiarities – ductile iron piles application is the best and the most reliable decision. Ductile iron pile construction is one of the easiest, fastest, and available methods. For pile driving there is no need in heavy and special vehicles, a light excavator is enough. Instead of the ditching scoop, the hydraulic hammer with the pile adaptor is used. Before the first pile driving the pile straight end shoe is used for soft soils or rock pont for solid beds. The second pile is assembled in the socket of the first one. During the driving process a rigid and stable connection appears. The pile is driven in such a deep that can be assigned by the soil penetration resistance. Driven piles are filled with the concrete grout for load bearing capacity increase and for better soil corrosion resistance.The piles are produced by the center die casting method and can be of two outer diameters 118 and 170 mm having different wall thickness depending on the requirements for carried load capacity. The pile has a socket with the conical internal surface and a straight-end with the conical outside surface. The effective length of the pile without a socket is 5500 mm.

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