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Energy Efficiency 

Inside cement mortar lining of the ductile iron pipes doesn't only ensure observation of the hygienic requirements at potable water transportation, but also improves the hydraulic propetries of the ductile iron pipelines.

Roughness factor (according to COLEBROOK formula) of the inner surface of the ductile iron pipe with inside cement-mortar lining is K - 0,03 for every single pipe. It is recommended to take K - 0,1 for DN 80-250 mm.; K - 0,08 for DN 300-700 mm.; K - 0, 05 for DN 700-1000 mm. for calculations when deigning pipeline systems out of ductile iron so that all friction losses in the assembled pipeline system are considered. that means that ductile iron pipes with inside cement-mortar lining permit to reduce hydraulic losses through friction in the pipeline to a considerable extent and correspond to all the modern energy conservation requirements.

Besides, big flow section of ductile iron pipes compared to polyethylene pipes (with the equal value of nominal bore DN), makes possible a considerable pumping cost reduction of the transported liquid. 

The clear opening comparison between ductile iron and polyethylene pipes

Ductile iron pipe and PE pipe clear passage area comparison DN 100 mm


Unique properties of ductile irone provide pipelines with:

  • no corrosion in conjunction with high mechanical properties and functional features of spigot and socket connections;

  • high safety margin compared to other pipeline sysems (Сmar <3,0);

  • cold resistance (impact strength of ductile iron pipes does not change in the range from +20 Co to -60 Co)

Ductile iron pipes have less failure compared to pipelines of other materials.

Numerous tests have proven that along with the estimated permissible load ductile iron pipes have sufficient reserve reliability. It is ideal for complicated laying conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

Ductile Iron Pipelines with inside cement-mortar lining quarantee high quality of transported water that meet all the requirements of hygienic safety (water PH up to 12,0).

Ductile iron pipeline systems are impermeable for hydrocarbons and chemical substances that can be found in environing soils.

Complete recycling of the pipes after the service.


The expected faultless service life of ductile iron pipeline systems:

  • In water supply networks under the condition of soil corrosion, stray current and absence of cathodic protection is 80 to 100 years;

  • In sewage networks with hydrogen sulphure it reaches 50 - 60 years.

Corrosion resisting prperties of ductile iron pipes are 5-10 times higher than steel pipes.

Assembling Simplicity

  • Power costs, special equipment and highly qualified stuff during the ductile iron pipe installation process are not required.

  • Laying directly in the ground of 8-10 meters deep without bed preparation is possible.

  • Installation works during negative temperatures are allowed without any risks

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